A graceful LIVING ROOM DESIGN is characterized by the harmonious composition of all the elements.  the personality of the occupants needs to be expressed in the design. It should look and live like they do. CUSTOM FURNITURE design is the marriage of beauty and practicality. 

In the forefront of Kathi and Athena's mind is to be sure that the choices are suitable to the needs of their clients. CUSTOM FURNITURE is a natural look of comfort and relaxed elegance devoid of pretension and arrogance. The pleasure of living in a well designed space is undeniable. The places we live in should suit our lifestyles, express our personalities, and make us glad to be home and spend our time there. We will help you find your inspiration and make your decisions come to life. You will reap the benefits of a beautiful home that is inviting and comfortable and tailor made to suit your life.



    We'll show you a variety of ways to beautifully diffuse light while helping to filter out harmful ultraviolet rays that could damage interior furnishings and keep interiors cooler in warm climes. Classic, fresh, timeless window treatments that reflect historical styles and yet are entirely current.  It will never look dated, and will be as relevant in future as when it was designed.Its the small special touches and subtle details that have a not so subtle impact.  Repeating a shape or color in subtle ways to create continuity.  Inspired Interiors will create window treatments that enhance the architecture of the space without overpowering it; mindful of vistas and varying levels of privacy.  



   Good lighting design should allow for different levels of light; we will research lighting options based on the latest resources available and functionality; a harmonious arrangement of elements.  Interior room lighting should glow by day and night an allow the contents of the room to express their full personality.

Our philosophy is that the optimum lighting has beauty and practicality, and be energy efficient with a modern sensibility tailoring the design to the priorities and needs of our clients.



   We believe that an inviting LIVING ROOM DESIGN embraces you.  It’s never intimidating or overdramatic, but it should be luminous and expansive. Living rooms should never have an off limits vibe; even though they may embody glamour and quiet sophistication. Comfortable furniture and FURNITURE PLACEMENT with and eye for civilized gatherings. 



   Because we spend so much time in our bedrooms, they need to be treated with importance.

The best part of the BEDROOM DESIGN is usually the bed, and should be the focal point, and seen from the room’s door. A beautiful bed covered with luxurious bedding is worth the extra investment and effort. Central to all BEDROOM IDEAS should be a comfortable retreat ; whether the look is to be filled with drama and contrast or soft hues and subtle pattern. 



    Featured projects in KITCHEN DESIGN address the most common design issues and challenges. Our SMALL BATHROOM IDEAS epitomize the grace and elegance of South

Florida INTERIOR DESIGN.  Even small spaces open up with creative design ideas and

careful editing.  Verbally communicating design likes and dislikes is often difficult for clients.

Our aim is to replace their confusion and uncertainty with a confident articulate style that is a reflection of the Individuals’ personality and lifestyle.  By creating well organized spaces that

have evolved into an award winning identity of INTERIOR DESIGN, we are able to

collaborate with all involved in the development of interior spaces that take into consideration lifestyles and classic design elements.

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